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About The

“I have an idea..."

Whenever Stu, owner of ReVolution Trailers says this, the team knows it’s not going to be a small one. Stu’s done a lot of things, but this one was a brainstorm and a half. Rewind to fall of 2019. During a residential renovation project with

his original company, l’m Your Guy Renovations, Stu had a big idea. What if we renovated travel trailers instead of houses?  Within a month, shop space was secured and the set up began. The first shop, a single bay space capable of holding 1-2 trailers was home to ReVolution Trailers for the first year, and the

site of our first three big jobs. We outgrew that shop quickly and moved across the street to a 2400 square foot shop and added to our team. In 2021, we rehabilitated twelve trailers. With business starting to take off, we needed to 

move again, only seven short months after the last time. Clients can now find

us in a 7000 square foot shop, with a additional 3000 square feet of space to expand, on 5 acres of land. Now with a team of 6, and the ability to house at

least six simultaneous reno projects, and a growing inventory of trailers in

desperate need of love and adventures, just waiting for the right big idea. 


ReVolution Trailers is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are a full service travel trailer renovation, service and repair company. Bring us your tired, out of date or broken travel trailer and let us turn it into something extraordinary. Between Stu’s big ideas and Maegan’s eye for design, we’ve prevented nearly 150,000 pounds of trailers from being dumped into the landfill!


Our passion is renovating travel trailers. Our other passion is keeping them out of the landfill. One of our proudest core values is recycling, reusing or rehoming as many components as possible during the Upfitting process


RV’s Reclaimed. Reimagined. Relived. 

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