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Marble Surface

Design Inspiration

Choose from one of our expertly coordinated design boards or work with our professional designer to create a design pallet and that suits your own style. 

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Boho Naturals

Carefree layers of natural colours, textures and patterns.  Boho style is relaxed, unexpected and fun. The boho aesthetic is not designed for any one else's enjoyment, but your own.

Warm Neutrals

Classic contemporary style embracing the minimalistic elements of a simple colour palette. Curated and uncluttered, it’s a refined elegance that’s high on simplicity and function and low on over decorated spaces.

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Prairie Chic

Inspired by the landscapes of the central Canadian prairies.  Weather worn woods, soft colours and natural elements connect indoor spaces with the outdoors.


Graceful and stylish, the classic elegance design is sophisticated and feminine. Subtle textures and patterns are punctuated with modern colours and symmetrical lines

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